HIV Scotland offers free wellbeing support for people living with HIV and their family members. Our counselling, therapy and life coaching services are to help you in your time of stress and uncertainty. Follow the links below to know more about our services.

Counselling and Therapy

HIV Scotland offers free counselling and therapy for people living with HIV in Scotland. Mental health is essential to living well and healthy. If you feel stressed, isolated, conflicted, or depressed, our expert therapists and counsellors can listen and guide you through any emotional, physical, and mental health issues you are facing. We offer variety of sessions including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Cognitive Analytical Therapy, Counselling Psychology, and Existential Therapy. 

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Life Coaching

If Counselling and Therapy is not your preferred choice and you feel uncertainty or anxiety about the road ahead, HIV Scotland’s life coach can help you and your family members achieve any personal or professional goals. Our life coaching sessions provide you with positive and action-oriented goals to improve your wellbeing. Our coach will work with you to guide, encourage and, where necessary, challenge you to move forward as you explore and own a path that feels right for you.

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Comedy Workshops

Jojo Sutherland will lead and facilitate fun, inclusive and free workshops exploring creative thinking using a series of techniques that explain and demonstrate how to build confidence, tackle fears and to find the funny in life. These workshops would bring 8 people living with HIV together online per session in an engaging and creative way, increasing social connection and improving confidence. 

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