The Zero Hero Appeal 

Our #ZEROHIV mission is to ensure that there are zero new HIV transmissions, zero new HIV-related deaths & zero HIV-related stigma & discrimination in Scotland by 2030. 

You can be a Zero Hero make HIV history by making HIV history! 

We’re asking you to help us raise £30,000 per year by 2021 to do just that. Click here to donate £30 for 2030 (#30430) or sign up to give £5 per month now (link) to be a part of it or read on. 

Why £30,000 & what will this achieve? 

Simply put, these funds will help to make HIV a thing of the past in Scotland. We want to raise £30,000 from individuals by 2021 which equates to 10% of the funds we need each year to carry on our vital work. We are already people-led in terms of our direction & decisions. We want to be people-led in terms of funding to remain independent & ensure that we are not overly reliant on one single source of funding as we were with the Scottish Government. Ideally, we will look to raise £75,000 by 2025 or 25% of the funds we need each year. Ambitious? Yes, but so is our mission & both are achievable. We have the tools available now so that no one has to live in fear of HIV ever again. 


That is up to you. You can make a £30 donation now here (link) or you could take a look through the ideas on these pages for inspiration. You could join us for the Kiltwalk, take on your own challenge event or organise your own fundraising event. All donations big or small will be extremely welcome & will work towards our goal of #ZEROHIV. 

We are currently working on a number of ways to acknowledge the generosity of our donors  which we will launch in 2019 – watch this space! However, rest assured if you donate beforehand, we’ll make sure we come back to you. 

One Off Regular Donations & Payroll Giving 

Anything you can donate will make a genuine difference & support the work we do, helping us to be there for someone living with HIV. There are currently over 5,000 living with HIV in Scotland today. We need to raise £300,000 per year to continue this work. Therefore, £60 covers the cost of our support per person. This is how your money could help: 

Regular Giving 

You can do this by clicking here, setting up a Standing Order with your bank to pay a fixed amount to HIV Scotland each month (HIV Scotland Business Current Account, Royal Bank of Scotland, Account Number 00619073 Sort Code 831824) or many employers offer a Payroll Giving option to take donations directly from your salary before tax. Please speak to your employer to find out more. 

One-Off Donations 

Click here (link) to donate online or make a donation using our bank details via online banking. 

Any donation towards these sums will genuinely help us to help others & every penny is appreciated & used wisely. However you decide to give, please ensure you add Gift Aid (see below) if you are a UK taxpayer to increase your donation by 25%.

In Memory 

Whilst we may want to make HIV history, we must still remember those the virus has taken from us. 

If you wish to remember a loved one, you can create an In Memory fundraising page here which allows you & your friends & family to donate online. You can also take on a fundraising challenge or event on a special anniversary such as their birthday. 

We are also planning to host our own In Memory messages here on our website in the near future. If you would be interested in this, please get in touch with Kevin on [email protected]. 


Our legacy will be zero new HIV transmissions, zero HIV-related deaths & zero HIV-related stigma & discrimination in Scotland by 2030. What will YOURS be? 

Once you have taken care of your family & loved ones, please consider including us in your Will. By leaving a gift in your Will to HIV Scotland, you could help start Scotland’s first dedicated HIV Health Line. You could support the creation of an online platform so as people living with HIV can communicate with one another no matter where they live in Scotland. Your gift will inevitably help us to help tackle stigma & discrimination & make HIV a thing of the past. Don’t you stay in the past with it. Be part of the future. If we have helped you in your lifetime, help us to help people like you in the future. Be remembered. 

For more information on leaving your legacy to HIV Scotland, please get in touch with Kevin who will be happy to chat to you about this.   

Gift Aid 

HIV Scotland can reclaim 25p every time an individual donates £1 to our charity. This is called Gift Aid. To do this, the donor must: 

  • have paid at least as much in Income Tax/Capital Gains Tax in that tax year as you want to claim in Gift Aid 
  • Have completed a Gift Aid declaration that allows us to reclaim it 

Whenever you donate, please remember to include Gift Aid where you can. Contact Kevin for more information.