Let’s talk about sex and drugs. Did you know that that someone living with HIV on effective treatment for more than six months and with an undetectable viral load (that's call Undetectable = Untransmittable) cannot pass on the virus to their sexual partners?

That there's a 'magic' pill (called PrEP) that an HIV negative person can take to prevent HIV? This knowledge and access to these services and medications can prevent new HIV transmissions. We won't shy away from taboo topics like sex and drugs because having frank and open discussions will help us reach #ZEROHIV.  

So many of our projects that work to inform the public, encourage meaningful involvement, and improve access to testing will also help us prevent HIV. In particular, the new PrEP Advocacy Network will get PrEP users involved in the design and delivery of services that aim to support them. 

In addition to the PrEP Advocacy Network, our work over the next three years will:  

  • Keep people at risk of HIV more informed about HIV prevention methods.
  • Ensure everyone has equal and equitable access to HIV testing. 
  • Reduce the number of people who are diagnosed late. 
  • Increase access to our HIV Prevention toolkit; including PrEP, injecting equipment provision, testing, condoms, etc. 
  • Improve sex education and resources in schools by ensuring that the content is created by and for young people.

Every new transmission is preventable. Let's get to work!