Read Generation Zero: Our Annual Report 2019-2020 here

Last year we launched #ZEROHIV, our Strategic Plan until 2030. It was the plan that firmly put our ambition for Scotland to reach zero new HIV transmissions, zero HIV-related stigma and zero HIV-related deaths at the forefront of the conversation in the sector.

Nobody could have expected the unprecedented situation that we'd find ourselves in. Coronavirus has impacted every section of society, and societies response has had to be like no other.

It feels slightly disingenuous to reflect on what a successful year 2019 was for HIV Scotland. After a challenging reset period, it feels like the organisation had begun to hit our stride. We attracted a lot of new funders and exceeded our fundraising targets, which in turn supported new and innovative programmes to help us reach our goals.

In the COVID-19 era we're having to adapt and respond to the needs of the communities that we support. Our team are working from home, and we've seen new projects and solutions to ensure that people living with HIV can remain connected to good quality information and support.

Some things will have changed for good. The focus on combatting social isolation is welcome, and we must ensure that people living with HIV benefit from a more connected world.

As we look forward, we have to ensure that no one is left behind. That's why, alongside this annual review, we're launching our new campaign – Generation Zero. We want to bring everyone in Scotland along with us in our mission to get to zero; zero new HIV transmissions, zero new HIV-related deaths and zero HIV-related stigma and discrimination. We believe we can all be part of

the generation that gets to zero and ends the HIV epidemic.

Together we can ensure that everyone has access to high quality healthcare and treatment, free from stigma.

We're looking ahead at the exciting and unique contributions HIV Scotland will make to our society.

Stay safe, and keep well.