The new RSHP (Relationship, Sexual Health, and Parenthood) Education learning resource marks a new chapter in inclusive, up-to-date education says Nathan Sparling, Chief Executive of HIV Scotland.

The new resource, launched today by the Deputy First Minister, is tailored to each year group, and offers relevant, accurate information around HIV, its history, and where we currently stand with treatment, prevention, and stigma.

Nathan Sparling, Chief Executive of HIV Scotland, said:

“Our report from 2017, Guaranteeing Lessons for All, called for young people to learn about PrEP and the modern day realities of HIV. We’re delighted that the new resources launched today include these vital lessons that will ensure young people know about HIV and how to prevent it. 

“Young people learning about the modern realities of medicine and the scientific fact that someone with an undetectable viral load cannot pass the virus on will put us on the right path to end HIV-related stigma.

“Providing young people with the right information will help reduce new transmissions, and most importantly the stigma that so often poses a significant barrier to accessing testing and treatment. It’s great that this resource will put us on the right path to getting to zero by 2030.”