HIV Scotland, National AIDS Trust, and The Love Tank CIC are contributors to this response to the Scottish Government’s consultation on ‘Challenging men’s demand for prostitution, working to reduce the harms associated with prostitution and helping women to exit’.

The contributors oppose the criminalisation of sex work and call for the removal of all punitive laws and regulations regarding and related to sex work as a necessary step to ensure that the Scottish Government upholds the human rights of sex workers. As long as sex work is criminalised – directly or indirectly through laws and practices targeting sex workers, clients or third parties – sex workers will continue to be at increased risk of violence (including police violence), arrests, blackmail, extortion, deportation and other human rights violations.

This submission is made by the following organisations:

1. HIV Scotland – The national HIV policy organisation for Scotland. HIV Scotland exists on behalf of all those living with and at risk of HIV to ensure that Scotland has responsive policies, quality services and a supportive environment that enable people living with or at risk of HIV in Scotland to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

2. National AIDS Trust (NAT) – The United Kingdom's HIV rights charity. NAT works to stop HIV from standing in the way of health, dignity and equality, and to end new HIV transmissions.

3. The Love Tank CIC – A non-profit community interest company that promotes the health and well-being of under-served communities. The Love Tank’s key project, PrEPster, aims to educate and agitate for PrEP access in England and beyond and was founded in response to the lack of clear and concise educational information available about HIV PrEP.

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