Dr. Ndalinoshisho Liita-Iyaloo Cairney (Liita) was born in Namibia and grew up at the height of the HIV and AIDS epidemic in Namibia (and sub-Saharan Africa in general), in the 1990s. She left Namibia to study in the United States of America (New York State) in 2003, and has been living in Scotland since 2010.

She has a PhD in International Public Health Policy (School of Social & Political Sciences) from the University of Edinburgh (Thesis: Global HIV/AIDS initiatives, recipient autonomy and country ownership: An analysis of the rise and decline of Global Fund and PEPFAR funding in Namibia). She also earned a B.A. in Natural Sciences; and an M.S. for Environmental Policy from Bard College, in New York, U.S.A.

She is the Founder and Managing Director of First Period, a business that has its headquarters in the Edinburgh business ecosystem and addresses reproductive health challenges for young women in Scotland, Ghana, Zambia, Tanzania, Germany, and Namibia. Through First Period menstrual health hygiene and education products, she has taken a multi-disciplinary approach to enhance the physiological, emotional and social and capabilities of young women by using the menstrual cycle as a framework.

"I am honoured and excited to offer my personal experience, academic knowledge, and entrepreneurial skills to the HIV Scotland Board of Trustees."