As part of our National Patient Survey (NPS), a major, peer-led research project that considers the views and experiences of people living with HIV in Scotland, we asked participants what their thoughts and opinions were about digital health. Specifically, we wanted to know what people's concerns and experiences were about engaging with remote clinical services.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, people living with HIV will likely experience digital healthcare. When we designed the NPS questions, we imagined digital health playing a role in the future - but did not expect it to come so quickly. Scotland has quickly scaled up their efforts in introducing digital health services, which makes this a perfect time to find out more about the transition into digital health.

On Thursday, 27th August at 7PM, we heard from our panel of experts who discussed Scotland's Digital Health strategy and answered audience questions about its implementation and what it meant for people living with HIV. 

The panel consisted of:
  • Heather Cumberland (Moderator, Community Engagement Lead) 
  • Dr Steve Baguley (Consultant in Sexual Health & HIV and Chair of the clinical eHealth leads for Scotland)
  • Fraser Serle (Public Health Professional)
  • Jeffrey Hirono (HIV Scotland Policy & Research Lead)

Download the NPS Digital Health Briefing