Read Generation Zero: Our Annual Report 2019-2020 here

HIV Scotland are pleased to launch their latest annual report, 'Generation Zero', covering 2019-2020. 

Following on from the launch of the Zero HIV campaign and rebrand last year, this report reflects on the work the organisation has been engaged in since then, the successes they've had and the plans going forward to make sure Scotland is part of 'Generation Zero'; the generation that sees the end of HIV-related stigma, the end of new HIV transmissions and the end of HIV-related deaths.

"Society has changed. In responding to Coronavirus we have all had to make personal sacrifices. The way that we work has changed. The way in which people living with HIV access the treatment, care and support they need has also changed, and the way that we access our toolkit of prevention has changed too.

What has been a shock to the system will likely result in some fundamental changes to life as we know it. We must make the most of those changes so they meet everyone's needs.

At HIV Scotland we've responded to COVID-19 with accurate information and up-to-date advice, co-created with people living with HIV and our partners, to ensure people can remain healthy and understand the risk associated with the virus. We've adapted our new support offering – a helpline, virtual life coaching, virtual social events – all to keep people connected, reduce social isolation and keep people well-informed.

Coronavirus hasn't stopped our work. It's made it more important. Our ability to respond to the global pandemic has shown the importance of a small, agile and creative organisation like ours. Launching HIV Self Test Scotland with our partner Waverley Care is the epitome of that. We recognised a gap – HIV home testing – and we've rapidly scaled up a service that is free and accessible for everyone.

What's next is still very much unknown, but HIV Scotland will be here to ensure that our shared vision of a Scotland with zero new HIV transmissions, zero HIV-related deaths and free from stigma is made a reality. In fact, it's at times like these where it becomes clear the importance of using our unique public health approach and perspective, and gives us a prime opportunity to end another, different epidemic.

Let's remain steadfast and in solidarity. Together we are stronger, and we will be the generation that gets to zero. From all of us at HIV Scotland, keep safe and healthy."