HIV Scotland has launched a consultation to understand the full diversity of views from people living with and affected by HIV, organisations that support people living with HIV and legal professionals regarding the threat of, or actual, malicious disclosure of someone's HIV status and whether this should be regarded in law as a hate crime or criminal offence. 

We have heard from a number of people living with HIV who have been affected by this kind of behaviour, causing problems at work or with relationships caused by the continuing stigma that is so prevalent. We are often asked if there is legal recourse for people who feel they have been a victim of this kind of crime. 

With the upcoming Hate Crime legislation that was announced in the Scottish Government's Programme for Government, we are running this consultation to understand whether HIV Scotland should campaign to include this as an offence. 

The consultation will be open until Friday 20th December. Written attachments can be submitted by email to [email protected]

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