An Evaluation of HIV Self Test Scotland

HIV Scotland and Waverley Care are delighted to launch our new report, An Evaluation of HIV Self Test Scotland, which demonstrates a high demand for the HIV self-testing option across all areas in Scotland. As of today, over 3,500 tests have been sent to individuals since the launch of the service. 

The report also shows that the free provision of HIV self-testing plays an important role in overcoming barriers to frequent HIV testing, and that online ordering for postal delivery is a feasible and acceptable means for users. 

Users of the service say it is "easy, convenient and discreet." The report also shows that the service provided by HIV Self Test Scotland is essential, especially for many who experience barriers in accessing sexual health services. 

The report also calls for the service to be expanded with increased investment to ensure Scotland can meet zero new HIV transmissions by 2030.

If you have any questions or want to discuss the report, please get in touch with Nathan Sparling (HIV Scotland) at [email protected] or Rachel Hughes (Waverley Care) at [email protected]

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