We’re delighted to have launched our new Generation Zero campaign, backed by people from across Scotland, including Lorraine Kelly and Alan Cumming.

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When we launched our Strategic Plan #ZEROHIV in March 2019, we committed to a Scotland where there would be zero new HIV transmissions, zero HIV related deaths, and zero HIV stigma. That means we have 10 years to end the HIV epidemic in Scotland.

Generation Zero is the next phase of our work. We want people across the country – in schools, workplaces and in the living room – to talk about HIV, learn the facts and end the misconceptions that have been around for far too long.

Alongside the campaign, we’re launching the first data from our latest public attitudes poll conducted by Mark Diffley. The poll shows that:

  • 46% of Scots still believe HIV can be transmitted through biting, spitting, or kissing. 
  • Only 19% of Scots were aware that people living with HIV on treatment who has an undetectable amount of HIV in their body cannot pass the virus on to their sexual partners. 
  • Only 9% strongly agreed that they would be comfortable kissing someone who is HIV positive. 

It’s clear that there is much more work to do. Generation Zero also allows us to focus on fundraising, so that we can fund a national TV advert to end the stigma that still lingers from the 80s. Ending this stigma will mean that we can help people access testing and receive the treatment they need to live well.

This World AIDS Day, whilst we remember those we have loved and lost, let’s commit to action in their honour. Be part of Generation Zero, and together we can end HIV stigma.

Dr Nicoletta Policek, the Chair of HIV Scotland, said:  

“As a woman living with HIV, I am acutely aware of the myths and misconceptions about HIV that are still prevalent across society.  The aim of Generation Zero is to bring people together, regardless of their age, sexuality or gender, to talk about HIV in the modern context.

“Ending the HIV epidemic is within our reach. Stigma is the only thing which prevents us from doing so. Conversations & stories will help us inform and educate – and there is no better day than World AIDS Day to commit ourselves to do better on behalf of those we have lost over the last 40 years.”  

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