We are proud to announce HIV Scotland Wellbeing, our new suite of services designed to improve mental, physical and social wellbeing for people living with HIV across Scotland in uncertain times. These new resources have been developed to support the nearly 6,000 people living with HIV in Scotland.

Under the HIV Scotland Wellbeing banner will be projects distinct from other areas of our work, presently including;

  • HIV Connects, weekly online socials providing opportunity to come together and have a chat with familiar faces and bring forward any issues that are affecting you.

  • Life Coaching with ICF-approved Life Coach Antony Nash, which can help empower you to reach your goals, while developing insight into yourself, what's been holding you back and how to overcome those obstacles.

And being rolled out soon;
  • Psychological Support, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Counselling
  • Yoga
  • #PutItInWriting, a campaign to empower people living with HIV to own their personal narrative through storytelling.
Improving and ensuring the wellbeing of people living with HIV deserves a different focus to our advocacy work, so you’ll see that these new and expanded services come under a new colour-scheme. Our work hasn’t slowed whilst in lockdown, and we’ve taken this opportunity to adapt and enhance what we offer.

Look out for more information coming soon. If you have any questions, get in contact us by emailing [email protected]