Although society attempts to paint a simple picture of those affected by HIV – gay men, people who use drugs or sex workers – the truth is a diverse array of people are affected by HIV. It’s a truly intersectional virus.

This diversity must be a part of any policy, programme, or initiative that aims to support people living with or at risk of HIV. We need to move away from tokenistic involvement and into meaningful partnerships.

Our plan is to harness the full diversity of voices and build a platform for change. Through our Advisory Network of people living with and at risk of HIV, we'll make sure that everyone's voice is heard on the issues that matter. We'll harness the strength in numbers through the Positive Person's Forum to develop a Manifesto for Change, and we'll support people to become advocates in making that change possible. For the first time ever, we'll build a new level of
engagement – for PrEP users. We want to make sure that their voice is heard in the design and delivery of services which aim to support them.

Our initiatives will ensure that:

  • Opportunities exist for PrEP users and people at risk of HIV to be involved in the design and delivery of services.
  • Services across Scotland are designed and developed with the input of people living with HIV.
  • Decision makers hear the experiences of marginalised groups.

All our projects are developed and implemented in the spirit of solidarity and partnership with the community, and by doing so, we will ensure:

  • Our beneficiaries have many opportunities to meaningfully contribute to what we do.
  • Our beneficiaries have the right to privacy and confidentiality.

Everyone deserves a voice. Let's get to work.