Our Living Well: 50+ project aims to ensure that older people living with HIV have access to the highest attainable standard of health and well-being. We will achieve this by continuing our work in involving people living with HIV and the wider community to help identify the most pressing issues:

The project will:

    • Establish a forum of older people living with HIV to help inform the project;
    • Host a series of expert seminars on health-related quality of life, social isolation, and stigma-free services;
    • Train HIV champions in social care to promote evidence-based best practice;
    • Deliver online resources and factsheets, and;

Download the Living Well: 50+ project brief

HIV Scotland also providing bespoke training options for your workplace. Please click here for more information.

Ageing with HIV Expert Seminars

These seminars are designed to bring together people living with HIV, key partners, decision-makers, and the third sector to discuss and learn about the key issues facing older people living with HIV. The seminars will be held at HIV Scotland, 18 York Place, Edinburgh EH1 3EP.

Expert Seminar on Health-Related Quality of Life
Quality of Life Seminar Videos

Expert Seminar on Social Isolation
Social Isolation Seminar Videos

Expert Seminar on Social Care
Stigma-free Social Care Seminar Videos

For more information about the project or to discuss how to get involved, please contact Jeff Hirono, Policy and Research Manager at HIV Scotland.

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