Our HIV Testing in Primary Care project is designed to provide solutions to identified problems in primary care, to help build the capacity of primary care professionals (doctors and nurses) to undertake effective, stigma-free HIV testing, with the ultimate goal of reducing late diagnosis and the prevalence of undiagnosed HIV in Scotland. 

We will deliver innovative and practical solutions for health professionals by:

  • Identifying GPs across Scotland to act as HIV Ambassadors to help continue to build the capacity of his peers and staff.
  • Delivering a series of webinars to improve staff knowledge of HIV and to raise awareness of HIV-related stigma and discrimination people living with HIV have experienced in health care settings.
  • Providing GPs and nurses with the know-how on confidently raising the topic of an HIV test and how to identify risk through a rapid risk assessment framework.
  • Providing training and support workshops and events for GPs to increase their HIV knowledge and testing, pre- and post-test counselling, and rapid risk assessments.

For more information about the project or to discuss how to get involved, please contact Dylan Morris, Policy and Public Affairs Officer, at HIV Scotland.

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