I've had the absolute pleasure of working with this organisation for about 5 years. They gave me my voice and whilst I represent only one voice amongst the varied and unique voices/communities of those living with HIV I know that the work we've completed over that time has changed people's lives. I want to help them to continue their empowering and valuable initiatives/projects.

Its difficult times for many right now, including those affected by or living with HIV. HIV Scotland was agile enough to start the first Corona Virus Helpline for those affected by HIV in Scotland. We'd like to help our friends to maintain and continue this vital service.

HIV Scotland's work may be on hold in terms of Coronavirus has hit many people and the organisations that support them hard and wed like to ensure that HIV Scotland continue their vital work

Join me, and my nephew Lewis, on Thursday 16th April at 1 pm when we'll go live on Facebook to shave our hair off.

Your contribution will help ensure the small team supports the increasing number of people living with HIV who have coronavirus-related concerns.


Will Dalgleish