By registering, the details you provide will be shared with the coach and kept in strict confidentiality (see our privacy policy here). The coach will have also signed a confidentiality agreement to further safeguard your confidentiality and privacy. The coach will then reach out to you to set up a pre-consultation. This is to assess whether life-coaching is the right fit for you and to share with you what to expect through life coaching. For private sessions, the pre-consultation will enable you and the coach to set up a date and time for the first session.

Life coaching takes place in person and each session is approximately 60 minutes. Your coach will work with you over a series of six sessions, approximately a month apart, to help you define the goal you are working towards and guide you in creating a pathway to that goal. As you work to explore and uncover the path that feels right for you, you will be learning to understand and relate to yourself in a clearer and more authentic way.  Your coach is there to help guide this growth and to both encourage and challenge you to continue moving forwards.