U=U is based off several peer-reviewed studies, including HPTN 052, PARTNER, PARTNER2, and Opposites Attract. Results from these studies revealed ZERO transmissions between people with HIV on ART who had undetectable viral loads and their HIV negative partners. Since the advent of combination therapy, there have been no confirmed reports of anyone with an undetectable viral load sexually transmitting HIV.1,2

For more information about the science behind U=U, please visit the campaign’s FAQ page: https://www.preventionaccess.org/faq

Vernazza PL, Bernard EJ. HIV is not transmitted under fully suppressive therapy: The Swiss Statement – eight years later Swiss Med Weekly 2016; http://bit.ly/SwissMedWeekly  Accessed Sept. 4, 2016, 146.

Collins, Simon. The evidence for U=U: why negligible risk is zero risk. Positive Person’s Forum, July 1, 2017. Glasgow.