We understand that for many people who engage in face-to-face sex work, these guidelines will prevent them from working as before, and therefore cut off part or all of their income. Safety is paramount. People should not feel forced into dangerous situations physically or illegally in order to make an income. There may be financial assistance available to you.  

If you have another job that offers it, you will be eligible for Statutory Sick Pay if you become infected with COVID-19 or have to look after someone else. Contact your employer about this – they are obliged to support you accessing Statutory Sick Pay.  

If you are off work due to being deemed a non-essential worker, you will shortly be able to claim the government wage subsidy, available from the end of April. Extensive guides for Employers and employees can be found here

If you are registered as self-employed, as a sex worker or otherwise, you are now able to apply for Universal Credit.

For more detailed information, please refer to Umbrella Lane's resources here.

Umbrella Lane and SWARM have set-up crisis funds to support those who may need it in this time. Contact them for more information. They are calling on the Scottish Government to help bolster support for sex workers across the board, detailed here.