HIV Scotland were the lead advocates for the addition of PrEP to HIV prevention options in Scotland. We consistently raised awareness of PrEP amongst community and clinical organisations working in sexual health in Scotland and helped to facilitate early discussions around PrEP amongst key stakeholders. We unpacked the highly complex policy and regulatory processes necessary to make PrEP available and communicated this regularly and clearly with all key clinical, policy and community stakeholders to ensure that everyone could take part.

HIV Scotland also coordinated with wider UK community colleagues, including the National AIDS Trust and PrEPster, in advocating for PrEP, comparing strategies and sharing lessons learned.

For our significant contributions to this field we were nominated by our peers for the 2017 BMA MEDFASH prize for improving the quality of HIV and sexual healthcare in the UK, and we were awarded the Cracking Campaign of the Year Award at the SCVO Charity Awards 2018 for PrEP in Scotland. 

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