The COVID-19 outbreak is putting a lot of pressure on the NHS. Many appointments over the next few months are being rearranged to allow the NHS to focus on very sick patients.

You may receive a text message to say your appointment has been cancelled. This is an automated text, and you should receive a further text message, email or phone call to discuss options for your next appointment. 

Sexual health services want to continue to provide PrEP to those who need it, but non-urgent medical care may have to be delayed if staff have to help provide urgent care to people with COVID-19. 

Whilst you can attend medical appointments during this period of heightened restrictions, it may be wise to consider the impact on you and others around you. You may decide to safely stop PrEP in the short term - you can find more information about safely stopping PrEP on this page. 

If you need PrEP urgently, you should contact us on [email protected] and we will do our best to help. 

There is more information on this page, above, for when you need to safely restart PrEP, or move to Event Based Dosing (if you can).