You can get an isolation note from NHS 111 if you need to self-isolate because of COVID-19. You do not need to get a note from your GP. You can get an isolation note on the NHS website by clicking here.

If you haven’t disclosed your HIV status to your employer, you may want to discuss this with them to arrange home-working or extended time off. The National AIDS Trust (NAT) have some help on their LoopedIn service for how to have conversations about HIV & COVID-19 with employers. You can find that information on their website by clicking here.

Many people will not be able to tell their employer because of fear of stigma or discrimination. You should ask your doctor to give you a sick note that doesn’t disclose your status, but says you have a condition that is protected by the Equality Act.

There's a great blog by the National AIDS Trust (NAT) with further employment advice, click here. 

If you need more advice about your employment, HIV & COVID-19, phone HIV Scotland on 0131 558 3713.