There are a number of ways to have safer sex. 

If you are HIV negative, and you’re looking to prevent HIV:

  • having sex with partners who have HIV and an undetectable viral load means there is no way of transmitting HIV.
  • PrEP is another option to prevent HIV, although if you’re not currently on PrEP you might have to wait a while to get it due to the pressure on the NHS. If you’d like to start quickly, you can buy PrEP online. To learn how to buy PrEP online, and start safely – check out PrEPsters website here.

Condoms can help prevent STIs and HIV, but you should remember that STIs such as syphilis, gonorrhoea and chlamydia can be transmitted through sucking, swallowing and rimming.

Remember that you might not be able to get an STI test as quickly as you might be used to. You can get a HIV Self-Test posted to you, for free, in discreet packaging, from HIV Self-Test Scotland.

If you are worried about pregnancy, you can find more information our about COVID-19 & Pregnancy by clicking here.