No.  There is no evidence HIV treatment prevents or treats COVID-19.

Do not increase your regular dose to prevent or treat COVID-19. Do not share your HIV meds with anyone who thinks it might help with COVID-19.

Some people have harmed themselves or died because they have misunderstood or been told that certain drugs could help in illness prevention when this is not the case.

Prepster have a detailed page on this topic. We agree with them that it is strongly discouraged to start using PrEP or HIV treatments as COVID-19 prevention.

If you decide to start or continue taking PrEP on the basis of possible COVID-19 prevention, it’s strongly advised that you DO NOT take more than the recommended dosing as you normally would.

You've probably heard about a number of trials around the world in which HIV treatments are being used to see if they have benefit to people with COVID-19. These trials are still ongoing, with some having to be paused, and so there is currently no evidence that HIV treatments have any effect on COVID-19, as either treatment or prevention.

BHIVA has some useful information on this topic, with the main takeaway being that the first randomised clinical trial with lopinavir/ritonavir (commonly part of HIV antiretroviral treatment) demonstrated no benefit over standard care in 199 hospitalised adults with severe COVID-19. There is no evidence to support the use of other antiretrovirals.