While lockdown eases for now across the UK, you should keep up to date with current guidelines relevant to where you live. Guidelines change frequently, and knowing what we can and can’t do is the best way to stop the spread of COVID-19.

We can now, in some form, meet up with friends and family outside, in limited capacity. If this isn’t possible for you, you might want to do something good in your community -  you could either help out your neighbours who might still be shielding/self-isolating. Let them know you’re available to help or just for a chat (2 metres apart!).

Other people turn to gaming (which often involves other players online), reading, learning a new language or getting on YouTube to learn a new at-home fitness routine.

Many people need some form of touch or human contact – and that shouldn’t be treated as a failure, and you shouldn’t feel shame. Just make sure you can do it as safely as possible for you and those around you.