I'm incredibly proud to be leading this organisation into our 25th year, the year that HIV Scotland evolves from an organisation that doesn't just focus on problems – but one that aims to find solutions. We are a living, breathing organisation that is agile and creative, holds itself accountable, and promotes equality while encouraging involvement from the real people we serve. Our small team will be looking for creative solutions to some of the key problems that stand in the way of reaching #ZEROHIV.  

Launching our new Strategic Plan - our prospectus for a healthier Scotland, will help us build long and lasting partnerships. We hope that includes you. Getting to zero by 2030 is an ambitious task, and we can't do it alone. We hope that this vision, our plan for Scotland, inspires you to work with us and harness the power of our sector to reach #ZEROHIV. 

Our work continues to focus on getting the best outcomes for people living with and at risk of HIV. By focusing on our five pillars and moving away from talking about problems to solving them, we will forge a positive path to overcome sexual and drug related barriers to healthy lives in Scotland. 

Join us on this mission and be the positive change our society needs.