This year saw seven people take part in the (now Virtual) Kiltwalk 2020 to raise money for HIV Scotland. Overcoming the challenges of COVID-19 and lockdown restrictions, they have been able to raise more money than ever before, bringing in a combined final total of £4,516.56. 

Because of the physical distancing guidelines implemented by the Scottish Government, this year's Kiltwalk went virtual, where Individuals would choose their own challenges. Our Kiltwalkers walked, ran and swam across Edinburgh, Glasgow and this year we went global with one of our supporters walking in Canada!  

Having supporters like this is invaluable to the work we do at HIV Scotland. As a small charity, we are totally reliant upon grant-funding and donations from the public to reach people right across the nation who need our support. Thanks to the efforts of our donors, we can use those funds to support the delivery of services like our wellbeing classes, self-testing equipment and stride ever closer towards achieving our mission of #ZeroHIV by 2030.  

Here is a look at each of our “Zero Heros” and their individual journeys:  


Poppy walked 25 miles from Edinburgh to North Berwick on 12th September 2020. In a year where the threat of a new virus is prevalent on everyone's minds, Poppy reflected on HIV and how people living with HIV were treated in the 1980s. In 2020 people living with HIV can have long and healthy lives thanks to advancements in medicine. Poppy wanted to support our education lobbying work to eradicate the lingering stigma surrounding HIV.



A last-minute addition all the way from Canada, Susannah walked with family and friends to raise money for HIV Scotland. Raising funds for HIV organisations all the way from Canada, Susannah discovered HIV Scotland when she studied her postgraduate in Scotland. We’re grateful and delighted to have her supporting us all the way from Canada. 



Fraser walked around Edinburgh, using the opportunity to visit friends and family that he hadn’t seen during the lockdown. Working in public health, Fraser walked to help us continue our services including the running of our Community Advisory Network.  A regular supporter of HIV Scotland, Fraser split his funds between us and the Pilton Community Health Project.  

Will & Gary 

Fully kilted up, Gary and Will who are colleagues from Capco walked a canal path across Glasgow for a socially distanced walk with friends. Having their support will be very helpful to continue improving our services for people living with HIV. 


Anne & Scooter the Dog

Anne and her wee dug Scooter walked 10K across Edinburgh, with Scooter sporting his red tartan bandana whilst they travelled across the capital. We’re delighted to have both of them supporting our mission of #ZeroHiv.