After years of living in silence, I believe it’s now time to use my voice to help and to educate others on HIV. After years of living with HIV and being on my one tablet a day, I can honestly say that the feeling of my life being over is very much a thing of the past.

Finding out I had HIV at the time had given me all sorts of negative feelings like feeling suicidal, worthlessness and that my days were numbered. I felt my life was over and I felt empty inside for years. I had turned to drugs and I was torn up inside to the point where I thought I was a goner. I had the mindset where I was still living back in the day when nobody knew anything about how to treat the virus.

However, look at me now; I’m healthy, happy, positive and undetectable! It starts with you knowing your status, being kind to yourself and living your life to your own rhythm. All these years I have lived in silence but by having the support of all my loved ones, my boyfriend, my family, Jessica and Ann who have helped massively keep me on the right track, I am truly grateful and happy! I have seen so much within the community where the stigma is very much still there. This virus, if treated, does not mean death. Yes, I have the virus but I’m not infectious and it is kept under control.

From my perspective, living with HIV has the cons of blood checks every 6 months and swallowing a small blue tablet each day. But the pros are that I am healthy, undetectable and my partner is safe, which is all I could ask for.

I live my life with a positive viewpoint now, where I used to live it by other people’s negative viewpoints. You need to do you and be happy and true to yourself!

My diabetes is more of a risk to me than HIV! Please don’t let the program “It’s a sin” be your view on HIV/AIDS today! Be you. Be proud. Be healthy.