The worlds largest conference on HIV/AIDS is going virtual. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 23rd International AIDS Conference (AIDS2020) will become the first virtual version of the event. The conference will be held between 6th - 10th July. 

AIDS2020: Virtual will enable delegates to access and engage with the latest HIV science, advocacy and knowledge. It will bring together virtual sessions, community networking, exhibitions, workshops and pre-conference events.

The International AIDS Conference has led to a number of historic changes in the campaign to eliminate new HIV transmissions. Each conference highlights the latest in HIV science; leading to some of the most significant changes in our campaigns. 

Thanks to funding from Gilead Sciences, we're in a position to offer a number of scholarships to people living with HIV, young people and students who are committed to advancing the rights of people living with and at risk of HIV in Scotland, and beyond. Applicants should be available to attend the full conference between 6th and 10th of July. 

Following the conference, HIV Scotland will host a number of knowledge exchange events that will bring together people living with HIV, academia, clinicians, students and more to amplify the knowledge gained from the conference. 

We have a number of scholarships to offer: 

  • Two for people living with HIV; 
  • Two for young people, aged 18-25; 
  • Two for students or post-doctoral researchers. 

The successful applicants will demonstrate: 

  • What they believe they will benefit from attending the conference; 
  • How their experience at the conference will benefit people living with HIV in Scotland and the wider society; 
  • Any ideas they have for sharing the knowledge they learn at the conference. 

A panel will decide on the successful applications. 

Successful applicants will also agree to take part in a series of knowledge exchange events hosted by HIV Scotland, to ensure that people living with HIV and the wider society in Scotland can benefit from AIDS2020 and the information that is presented. Any expenses would be paid for by HIV Scotland. 

The deadline for applications is Tuesday, 30th June at 5pm. 

Click here to apply for a scholarship