HIV treatment has given a new lease on life to positive people, who are now learning to age with the virus. HIV is no longer a death sentence, nor does it mean the end of positive people's sex lives either.

Those who are on effective treatment and with an undetectable viral load cannot pass on the virus to their sexual partners. We need to account for the new aging positive population while ensuring everyone has access to treatment, care, and support they need to be undetectable.

The National Patient Survey will allow us to start to think about solutions to key issues faced by people living with HIV. We'll reach the full diversity of people living with HIV across Scotland to highlight people's needs so we can improve their access to treatment, care, and support, enabling them to live healthy, fulfilling lives.

The innovative HIV Ageing Project will build a group of advocates – older people living with HIV – who will help us develop a training conference and webinars to train and support social care providers across Scotland, tackling stigma and developing the workforce across the country.

These projects will ensure that:

  • People living with HIV are able to live well into old age.
  • People living with HIV can access treatments to ensure viral suppression.
  • Everyone has equitable and equal access to quality support services.

In addition to these Year 1 projects, HIV Scotland will:

  • Break down the barriers of access to healthcare and support services.
  • Address the challenges of stigma and discrimination that dissuade people from getting care and support.
  • Lobby the Scottish government to invest in evidence-based treatment and care approaches that people's improve quality of life.
  • Ensure service delivery providers provide quality and relevant services that improve people's quality of life.

Everyone has a right to be undetectable. Let's get to work!