Our Vision

We want Scotland to be a country where everyone has equal opportunities to healthy choices and relationships, and that achieves zero new HIV transmissions by 2030.

Our Mission

Our mission is to forge a positive path to overcome sexual and drug related barriers to healthy lives in Scotland for people living with HIV, PrEP users and people at risk of HIV.

Our Values

INVOLVEMENT - We engage people in a meaningful way because we believe the best outcomes are achieved by working together.

EQUALITY - We foster and promote diversity – everyone has the right to be free from discrimination, to have their choices respected and be valued.

CREATIVITY - We are a group of creative people and we apply our creativity to problem solving every day in our work to get the best solutions.

AGILITY - We are action orientated – we proactively find opportunities, assess the evidence and can move quickly on new ideas.

ACCOUNTABILITY - We use resources wisely; ensure accuracy in our work; make sound decisions and take accountability for our actions.

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