Guidance for cost-sensitive HIV therapy prescribing

This is SHPN's Guidance for cost-sensitive HIV therapy prescribing in NHS Scotland - 2018 update. Read more

HIV Scotland's new poster suite

Our new suite of posters covers PrEP, Testing, Living well with HIV and U=U. They are available to order, or download and print. Read more

HIV Scotland's Anti-Stigma Strategy: Road Map to Zero

The Road Map to Zero defines HIV-relate stigma, identifies causes and outlines the ways to address them. Read more

HIV Scotland's National Survey of General Practitioners

This report revitalises the discussion and presents the relationship between HIV and general practice in Scotland. Read more

HIV and Education: Guaranteeing Lessons for All

Research into the provision of relationships and sexual health education in Scotland Read more

National Involvement Standards Assessment Toolkit

Toolkit providing assessment surveys for people living with HIV and staff to measure meaningful involvement. Read more

National Involvement Standards: Involving People Living with HIV

The National Involvement Standards provide a framework for greater involvement of people living with HIV. Read more

Your Choice: A Guide to Confidentiality and HIV

With widened access to information, it’s important that you understand what protects your confidentiality. Read more

Your Rights: A Guide to Human Rights and HIV

Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that we are all entitled to, regardless of nationality and citizenship. Read more

Your Voice: A Guide to Disclosure and HIV

A person’s HIV status is private. It is your right to choose whether to tell someone that you have HIV. Read more

PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) in Scotland

PrEP is an HIV prevention strategy that uses antiretroviral drugs to protect HIV negative people from HIV infection. Read more

HIV and Local Authorities: Key Issues

This report provides greater clarity about the role of local authorities in relation to HIV. Read more

Involving People in Services: A Practical Guide to Why and How

This report sets out the reasons why it is so crucial for services to involve the people they exist to support. Read more

Welfare Reform in Scotland: Its Impact

This report explores the impact of Scotland's welfare reform on people and the services that exist to support them. Read more

HIV Policy in Scotland: A Stocktake

This report provide researchers, policy makers, and stakeholders with an overview of HIV policy in Scotland. Read more

HIV Instant Result Self-Testing in Scotland

This report considers key questions that the legalisation of instant result HIV self-testing kits presents for Scotland. Read more

Policy Networks Matrix of Scotland

The Policy Network Matrix provides a central reference point to identify key policy meetings on a range of topics. Read more

Prosecutions for HIV & STI Transmissions or Exposure

This leaflet explains the COPFS policy and Scots law and to answer common questions and concerns people have. Read more