Disclosures: Rewriting the narrative about HIV through creative activism

This poster reflects on HIV Scotland's creative activism project which produced the book, Disclosures: Rewriting the narrative about HIV. Read more

Meaningful Involvement to design solutions: Living well into older age

People living with HIV are living into old age. The poster highlights the experiences of people living with HIV into older age and the Living Well: 50+ project. Read more

Changing Laws to enable People Living with HIV to train as Pilots

A human rights approach to successfully change national aviation laws to enable people living with HIV to train as Pilots. Read more

PrEP in Scotland Report

Report to provide recommendations on PrEP in Scotland to the Sexual Health & Blood Borne Virus Executive Leads from the HIV PrEP Short Life Working Group. Read more

Integrating Human Rights into the Criminal Justice System

This poster examines a range of actions to improve criminal justice policy and practice as it applied to HIV. Read more

An examination of services supporting people living with HIV

This research examined the services available in Scotland and to identify areas of opportunities. Read more

Examining Patient and Service User Involvement

This poster examines how service users are involved in the design and delivery of services and policy-making. Read more

Influencing the Scottish Regulator Framework for PrEP

This poster highlights key steps during the process of lobbying Scottish regulators to approve PrEP. Read more

Informing the national decision to approve PrEP

This poster highlights the process the sector took to ensure that PrEP was approved in Scotland. Read more

Involving People in Services and Policy

This poster highlights the process in which HIV Scotland underwent to create the National Involvement Standards. Read more

HIV Testing in General Practice: Identifying Opportunities

This poster highlights knowledge gaps amongst GPs and low confidence levels around sexual health and HIV. Read more

The Provision of Sexual Health Education across Scotland

Without access to accurate knowledge of HIV, young people are less likely to have a unrealistically low perception of their risk to HIV. Read more

A National Strategy for Addressing HIV Stigma

This poster highlights our work towards the Stigma Action Plan and highlights the need to address intersecting inequalities. Read more

Community-led policy to address stigma

This poster examines HIV-related Stigma and the various barriers to HIV prevention, treatment, and care. Read more

HIV Testing in Scotland Report

This report aims to ensure that Scotland exceeds the UNAIDS 90-90-90 target where at least 90% of people living with HIV are diagnosed. Read more

Barriers to HIV Testing in Scotland: A Review

A review of relevant evidence and literature was carried out by HIV Scotland to inform Scotland's response to the barriers to HIV testing. Read more