Nathan Sparling, Chief Executive Officer

Nathan is responsible for achieving the strategic goals set by the HIV Scotland Board by ensuring the development and delivery of strategies, operations, the team and culture. Nathan leads HIV Scotland's team to ensure that all our work achieves the best outcomes for people living with and affected by HIV, ensuring they are involved at every step.

Jeffrey Hirono, Policy and Research Manager

Jeffrey is responsible for the research that informs the work of HIV Scotland. In particular, Jeffrey explores inequalities that drive negative health behaviours. Jeffrey was the lead author of HIV Testing in Scotland report which identified interventions aimed at reducing levels of undiagnosed HIV and late-diagnosis. Jeffrey also leads work on the quality and consistency of sexual health education, and in developing monitoring and evaluation frameworks.

Kevin Rowe, Fundraising Manager

Having worked for a variety of charities for the past 16 years, Kevin joined HIV Scotland as Fundraising Manager in February 2019. His mission is to raise roughly £300,000 per year from a variety of sources to simply do what we already do. With your generosity, we will make HIV a thing of the past.

Angie Spoto, Artist in Residence

Angie is an American fiction writer and poet. She is working towards a PhD in Creative Writing and has been working with HIV Scotland since 2018. She lead the work on the book 'Disclosures', an anthology about what it means to be HIV positive in Scotland today. Angie brings her creative flair to her role at HIV Scotland.

Dylan Morris, Policy and Public Affairs Officer

Dylan works in ensuring that our approach to policy is relevant, up-to-date, and beneficial to people living with or affected by HIV. Dylan liaises with parliamentarians, local authority leaders, and the media to challenge HIV-related stigma and change policy relating to HIV. Dylan’s background is in political campaigning, a field in which he has worked for almost ten years.

Will Dalgleish, Community Liaison Officer

In his own words, Will fell asleep at 30 and wonders how he woke up one morning to be 52. Will leads our work in community involvement and, in our opinion, has the most important role in the organisation. He brings people together and helps to encourage peopleto come together as one to demand that the human rights of people lviving with HIV are upheld.

Niall Mohan, Policy Assistant