HIV Scotland have today launched their new national campaign – Generation Zero – as part of its plan to eliminate new HIV transmissions and end HIV-related stigma.  

Backed by celebrities Alan Cumming and Lorraine Kelly, alongside civil society leaders, politicians and people living with HIV, the campaign seeks to ‘make HIV the conversation’ in order to eliminate myths & misconceptions about HIV in 2020 and beyond.  

A newly released video of Lorraine shows the star speaking from the sofa on the set of her popular morning show, stating that, “We are on the brink of something incredible. We have the chance to be Generation Zero – the generation that sees zero new HIV transmissions, zero new HIV-related deaths, and zero stigma around HIV.”

Later, she says states: “People living with HIV are just getting on with their lives and that is a wonderful thing!”

Highlighting the advances in HIV prevention, star of stage and screen Alan Cumming shared a video where he states; “Some people might not know about PrEP. PrEP is a drug available on the NHS that can prevent the person taking it from contracting HIV.”

“Although there is no cure for HIV, you can protect yourself and your partner by practicing safer sex, having regular sexual health checks, or by using sterile injecting equipment”, he goes on to say. Alan's video will be shared on the charity's social media channels as the campaign launches. 

Lorraine Kelly and Alan Cumming are just two of the influential figures lending their support to the Generation Zero campaign, which is set to be backed by Third-Sector leaders, MPs, MSPs and more.

The charity is asking members of the public to take the Generation Zero pledge. By getting people talking about HIV, Scotland can eliminate new HIV transmissions and end HIV stigma by 2030.  

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