We have launched our Health-Related Quality of Life Briefing!

HIV Scotland hosted a series of expert seminars that critically examined a range of topics meaningful for older people living with HIV, which included topics on health-related quality of life, social isolation, and stigma-free social care. With help from experts in their respective fields, these seminars aimed to unpack the complexity of issues of ageing with HIV. 

Our Health-Related Quality of Life Briefing shifts how we think about the UNAIDS 90-90-90 target by ensuring that health-related quality of life is addressed at all stages of care. 

Our Living Well: 50+ Seminar Series & Briefings were made possible thanks to funding from Gilead Sciences & the Henry Duncan Grants managed by Corra Foundation.  

Download our Health-Related Quality of Life Briefing

Foreword from Tom Arthur MSP

Over the past five years, Scotland has made significant progress in addressing sexual health and blood borne viruses (BBV). Scotland’s Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Framework 2015-2020 set out Scotland’s approach to tackling all sexual health and BBV risks, outlining a particularly high-quality and coordinated response to HIV. The ambitious targets and goals outlined within the framework have continued to guide Scotland’s efforts to significantly reduce the transmission of HIV and improve rates of diagnosis and treatment. Importantly, they have focused Scotland’s actions on improving quality of life and in tackling the stigma many people living with HIV still experience today.

Despite our efforts, for many people living with HIV, achieving a higher quality of life remains a challenge. I was honoured to be invited to chair HIV Scotland’s Expert Seminars on HIV and Ageing over several months in 2019. As part of their Living Well: 50+ initiative, these seminars ensured credibility and substance by harnessing the voices of the communities affected by HIV, cross-sector partners and experts to develop effective, evidence-based and community-led solutions to better inform Scotland’s response to HIV.

I am very proud of what we have achieved so far. Scotland is at the forefront of the global HIV response. However, maintaining our momentum is critical. Our future success relies on continued involvement with the communities disproportionately affected by HIV and by continuing to build a strong evidence base to better inform our responses, evaluate our approaches, and further strengthen our partnerships and connections to priority populations.

I am very grateful of organisations like HIV Scotland who routinely challenge us to ensure that we hold up our end of the bargain – that bargain being that everyone in Scotland has equal and equitable opportunities to pursue the highest quality of life. I am confident that with strong political commitment, and trademark Scottish ‘can do’ attitudes, we can overcome the most pressing challenges faced by those most at risk of HIV. We can and must reach higher than before. I look forward to continuing work with our diverse communities living with and affected by HIV, HIV Scotland and cross-sector organisations alike in order to make our shared vision a reality.

Tom Arthur MSP
Co-Chair of the Cross-Party Group on Sexual Health & Blood Borne Viruses