Role: Expert Working Group Chair

About: HIV Scotland has been funded to conduct a piece of work to develop a blueprint for future HIV services. The Chair will be a person living with HIV, who is confident and comfortable to chair meetings and lead discussions on service redesign. The Chair will help HIV Scotland develop the Terms of Reference and membership of the working group.

We are taking a 'hackathon' approach to this piece of work – positive energy, fast-paced, action oriented – so that we can develop a final blueprint for the HIV Service of the Future by the end of this short project. The working group will include up to 15 people, and the Chair will help to select members to be representative of the key stakeholders and communities affected by HIV. The Chair will be supported by HIV Scotland.

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a design event, that usually takes place over a full day or two, in which experts and designers get together to solve problems and design solutions. They are fast-paced, and action oriented, meaning that decisions get made quickly so that a product or plan is available by the end of the event.

We’ll bring excellent, creative people together to design the HIV Service of the Future – from a blank sheet of paper. We want our hackathon to be fun and engaging, where everyone has an equal say in the decision making.  

A hackathon has focuses on: creative thinking; development & design; timing; teamwork, and a common goal.

We’ll host the hackathon online, and in 6 small meetings over several weeks to allow people the time to take part, as well as time away from their screens!

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Work with HIV Scotland and the Expert Working Group to ensure timely delivery of the final report.
  • To Chair the working group meetings and to help plan and maintain the focus and smooth running of the meetings, which will take place online. There will be 6 full meetings of the Expert Working Group, and there may be additional sub-groups meeting in between these.
  • Work with the Expert Group to achieve consensus, and the formulation of a blueprint for the HIV Service of the Future.
  • Represent the Expert Working Group in the media, or at other meetings as appropriate.
  • Take responsibility, with HIV Scotland, for the drafts of the project and contributing to the writing of the final report.
  • Be a champion for the project after publication and undertake activities to promote the work of the Group.

Person specification

  • Essential
    • Living with HIV and experience of accessing HIV services in Scotland
    • Drive and passion to lead discussions on service redesign
    • Commitment to eliminating discrimination, advancing equality, and awareness of issues of inequality in health care services.
  • Desirable
    • Experience in co-produced work
    • Ability to reach a point of agreement from a range of opinions
    • Experience of working groups
    • Experience in chairing meetings
    • Experience in health or social care, either as:
      • A practicing health or social care professional;
      • Working in or in association with the wider aspects of health or health care industries;
    • Broad understanding of health policy in Scotland
    • Sound and broad understanding of different fields of practice within the HIV sector.

Time Commitment

There will be a requirement to support HIV Scotland in the development of the Terms of Reference and Membership of the Working Group (Two full days).

There will be 6 Expert Working Group meetings, lasting up to 3 hours, between 26th October 2020 and 25th January 2021. (Three full days) 

There will be work in between each meeting to set the agenda, review documents, prepare, and take part in sub-group meetings. (Seven full days) 

There will be work required to support the drafting of the final report, and the launch of the report between 25th January and 15th February. (Three full days)

In total we expect the time commitment, between October and February to be a total of 15 full days or 105 hours.


This role will be remunerated at £125 per day, up to a total of £1,875.00. 

How do I apply? 

We have a short application form, followed by an interview. Applications close on 15th October 2020.