Want to find out if blondes have more fun? Why not peroxide your hair or go for a whole new colour for us – maybe HIV Scotland orange?

Just make sure to do your patch test first!

Good luck!

To create your own fundraiser click here.


  1. Create your fundraiser with us on www.hiv.scot by clicking the link above.

  1. Think about why it is you want to do the challenge, what the cause means to you, what bleaching your hair means to you, etc.

  1. Share your Fundraising Link on the Social Media sites you use like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, asking friends, family and colleagues to donate to your cause and letting them know why they should. 

  2. Suggest these people who support your fundraising that they could also take part, or raise funds in another way!

  3. Many people find going LIVE on the social media channel/s of their choice effective in engaging their supporters. This way it becomes a bit of an event - and you can encourage even more donations from your viewers. Just be sure to inform people when you will be going Live. You could also just share a series of images of the stages of the bleaching! 
  1. Share a photo or video of your challenge on social media, tagging @HIVScotland and using the hashtag #OnceMoreIntoTheBleach 

Email Heather ([email protected]) for any help required to get your fundraiser up and running!  

Coronavirus Support Fund The Coronavirus Support Fund will allow us to continue with the additional work undertaken by HIV Scotland to support those living with HIV who are affected by COVID-19 or concerned about how it will affect their lives. Find out more