We are all now more acutely aware of the impact of global pandemics. But HIV Scotland has been campaigning to end one here in Scotland for over 25 years. We're closer than ever, with all the right tools to do it. Join us as part of the generation that can put an end to the HIV epidemic here in Scotland. It's time to make HIV the conversation, by being part of GENERATION ZERO

The Pledge 

HIV stigma remains the biggest barrier to eliminating HIV-related deaths and new transmissions. By taking our Generation Zero pledge, you'll commit to helping us end HIV-stigma by making HIV the conversation with your friends, family and colleagues. You'll get access to our brand-new conversation toolkit, LET'S TALK ABOUT HIV, so that you're prepared with the facts. Together, we can end HIV stigma forever. Sign the pledge and get the toolkit here.


You can help us make the next year our most successful fundraising year ever. We know times are tough, and now more than ever a little amount can go a long way. Help support and promote Generation Zero by running your own fundraising event online or in your local community. Sign up for our fundraising pack here.

What Can We Achieve Together?


We'll run a series of NEWSPAPER ADVERTS to challenge stigma and public perceptions, reaching at least two million people in Scotland.


PLUS! We'll launch a BILLBOARD CAMPAIGN across Scotland, using the facts about HIV to challenge public perceptions.


PLUS! We'll amplify the voices and stories of people living with HIV through PUBLIC TRANSPORT ADVERTS across Scotland.


PLUS! We'll fund a TV ADVERT to challenge HIV stigma, improve public attitudes and increase HIV testing. This will be the first TV ad in Scotland since the '90s dealing with HIV! It's time to update the public on HIV with an advert that will reach one million people.