Generation Zero: Our New Campaign

It's time to make HIV the conversation, by being part of GENERATION ZERO. Take the pledge to join and help us see the end of HIV in Scotland within a generation.


Author: Henry Gray

About us

HIV Scotland is the HIV Charity for Scotland. We're known for our detailed policy work and successful advocacy for people living with and at risk of HIV. Read more about our new mission and vision, as we enter our new phase to get to #ZEROHIV.



Generation Zero Appeal

You can help us make the next year our most successful fundraising year ever. Join us as part of the generation that can put an end to the HIV epidemic here in Scotland.


Author: Heather Cumberland

Target amount: £100,000.00

Amount raised: £3,435.75


Our Public Attitudes Poll 2020


The percentage of Scots that think HIV is transmitted through biting, spitting, or kissing.


The percentage of Scots aware that people living with HIV on treatment, with an undetectable level of virus, cannot pass it on through sex.


The percentage of people who strongly agreed that they would be comfortable kissing someone who is living with HIV. 

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  • Iain Walker

    Iain is a senior finance professional who specialises in providing tax advisory services to a broad spectrum of organisations. Iain is an advocate for equality and the LGBTQ+ community. Iain’s commitment to HIV Scotland is to ensure that it is able to support its strategic aims by bringing his professional experience to support the financial governance of the organisation. Read more

  • Dr. Karen Thomson

    Karen is a social scientist with a background in psychology. In additional to her substantive post as a senior lecturer in the Department of Psychology at Glasgow Caledonian University, Karen has been the the Head of Learning and Teaching for the School of Life Sciences; the Associate Dean, Learning Teaching and Quality, for the School of Health and Life Sciences; and is now undertaking a strategic international role for the School, Associate Dean International. Read more

  • James Alexander

    Through his training as a psychotherapist, James has been working with and advocating for the HIV community in both London and Scotland for over 20 years. In this time, James has noted the provision of appropriate mental health support for the HIV community is often overlooked and underfunded. James' commitment to HIV Scotland is to overview and support its aims in changing attitudes towards HIV and mental health. Read more